Suc­cess is the sum of right decisions.

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What we stand for

We think holistically, act quickly and work with foresight. Making the right decisions is both a mission and a passion for us. These traits are why we have been recognised as partners for German institutional investors, who have formed long and successful relationships with us. They benefit from our in-depth experience in the fast and successful implementation of a wide range of investment opportunities and access to attractive off-market deals through our established network. As a KVG compliance with the relevant regulations is just as much an integral part of our work as is our knowledge of tax, corporate, supervisory and investment law at the highest level. And the figures prove time and again that our expertise points us in the right direction.

Assets under management in bn. €

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Mar­kets of tomorrow

Identifying and exploiting interesting investment opportunities is our mission and our goal. We focus exclusively on attractive long-term investment environments that we identify at an early stage based on our research activities. Regions in which population growth and an optimum economic climate provide sustainable growth prospects are particularly important.

Pro­ducts made to measure

Since the foundation of KVG in 2005, it has been our ambition to understand the needs of our customers and not only to fulfil their wishes, but to exceed them. We devise customised solutions for institutional investors, such as pooled and individual funds or club deals. With us, every investor enjoys individual guidance at eye level, and our actions are characterised by agility and transparency. Lasting partnerships with our investors are the proof.

assets under management in €

8 commingled funds

Structure: Restricted property funds, Investment KG

Risk classes: Core, Core Plus

Target volume: 150 m € - 1.2 bn €

Types of use: Residential, office, retail, parking

Investment locations: Germany, Netherlands

13 separate accounts

Structure: Restricted property funds (also as fund of funds), Investment KG

Risk classes: Core, Core Plus

Types of use: Residential, office, retail, parking, light industrial

Investment locations: Germany

22 club deals

Structure: KG structure, Investment KG, Lux-Sarl

Risk classes: Core, Core Plus, opportunistic

Target volume: 150 m € – 500 m €

Types of use: Residential, retail, office, logistics

Investment locations: Germany



Office, retail, housing
19,900 sqm rental area
Year of construction 1827-1829
Purchase Q3 2013
Separate Account

Stadtpark Quartier


10,900 sqm rental area
Year of construction 1827-1829
Purchase Q3 2013
Separate Account

Parking garage


22,430 sqm leased area
Year of construction 2000
Purchase 2012
Commingled Funds



Retail, office
34,780 sqm leasable area
Year of construction | modernization 1905-06 | 2013
Purchase 2013
Club Deal


Frankfurt am Main

78,770 sqm leasable area
Year of construction | modernization 1906 | 2018-21
Purchase 2016
Club Deal

Asset manage­ment

The life cycle of a property comprises many stages, which we consider in their entirety. As experienced asset managers, we plan, manage and implement targeted value creation measures while maintaining an overview of the entire property portfolio. With the aim of increasing value and optimising returns. Our investors can rely on this peace of mind.

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assets under management in €


The majority of our investors are German insurance companies, occupational pension funds, savings banks and other pension funds. We are also always on the lookout for exciting investment opportunities for international investors. Close cooperation with our investors in the spirit of partnerships is our top priority - because we are more than just a service provider.

Project Midtown 16

Purcha­se profiles

Office properties

We are looking for office properties in good locations in major German cities.

Retail properties

We are looking for retail properties in prime inner-city locations.

Residential properties

We are looking for residential properties (new and existing) in growth centres with positive demographic and economic development.


We are looking for parking properties in high-frequency locations (city centres, shopping centres, hospitals and airports) in Germany and Europe.

Logistics / Light industrial

We are looking for light industrial and logistics properties in Germany.


We are looking for nursing care properties and medical centers in Germany.


The information provided on this website is for information purposes only. The products presented are aimed exclusively at German professional and semi-professional investors and are not suitable for private investors.