Main­tai­ning an over­view & sif­ting through tomor­ro­w’s trends

We are driven by the need to anticipate the direction in which the property world is developing and to maintain an overview at all times - so that we can identify future investment potential on the property markets and find the best possible strategies for existing investments throughout the entire investment cycle.

Thanks to our in-depth market expertise, we have succeeded in doing so for years. We make the right decisions by systematically gathering data and information on capital, macro and micro markets. The result of bringing these together with evaluation is forward-looking, valid assessments of all opportunities and risks. We use a wide variety of techniques in our analysis: proprietary scoring models, modelling of different development trajectories and forecasting of important parameters.

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Quan­tum Focus

Of course, we don't just keep the knowledge we have gathered to ourselves: The results generated by our research department are published quarterly in the "Quantum Focus" series - as a service for our investors and for everyone interested in the current trends in the property industry.

Here you can find all issues for download in PDF format.

Quantum Focus No

No. 38 - Stagflation

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No. 37 - Soziale Taxonomie in der Wohnungswirtschaft

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No. 36 - Healthcare

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Slowbalisation – Effekte auf Produktions- und Logistikstandorte

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Further publications

In addition to presentations at seminars and conferences, we also regularly publish our findings on relevant topics in external media. You can find a selection of our most recent contributions here.

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Dr. André Scharmanski

Dr. André Scharmanski

Head of Research