Welcome to Quantum. We stand for passionate project development and holistic property investment management. We offer attractive institutional investment products through our own capital management company. What drives us is our enthusiasm for holistic solutions and the quest for value creation with substance. We consider each and every project as individual as the demands associated with it. Competence and experience are our capital, our team our pride. This is how we make great things possible every day. More about us

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High standards for timeless values.

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Success is the sum of right decisions.

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As property specialists, we are fascinated by the opportunities that property markets offer. We seek answers to the big question: What will tomorrow's market look like? We publish results on relevant topics in our in-house publication "Focus" on a quarterly basis. Find out more

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As a developer and investment manager, the responsible use of resources is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to designing sustainable properties that are a valuable investment throughout their life cycle. To achieve this, we have set ourselves high ethical, social, environmental and corporate goals. Find out more